My Most Important Facebook Post Ever!

8 thoughts on “My Most Important Facebook Post Ever!”

  1. Ryan, I do not believe that cancer is something that you “have” or should “own” as in “my” cancer. But rather that your body is simply “cancering”. It is in a state of being. That state is something that can and will be reversed with the knowledge that you acquired long before the recent diagnosis. Thank you for starting this blog. Not only for the encouragement that people will find while dealing with their own diagnosis’, but also how to take your life principles and create a different experience in their own lives. Much love to you and your family.

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  2. You are a good writer too, Ryan!

    I agree with Sherry about not to own it by calling it “my cancer”. I have heard it is bad for people to say they are going to lose weight because your brain thinks losing something is bad. But it is hard to think of terms to use that can’t be seen in some way as negative.

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