The Sun Rising in the Horizon

5 thoughts on “The Sun Rising in the Horizon”

  1. Mark and I are praying. As you guys know Mark was diagnosed with Leukemia. There are three kinds. The One the docs told us about is Chronic Myloid Leukemia. Three yrs ago this next month we got a call at Midnight Oct 2nd. I was about to board a plane in less then 8 hrs to go to my 30 yr High School reunion.. Our regular doc, Tells me to wake up Mark. His white count had climbed over a period of time to over 40,000. We prayed, asked God for wisdom and the right treatement for his body. Well this is now almost three yrs ago and he is now in clinical remission. He still has some things he is overcoming..but much better..

    We agree with you both for complete healing and restoration. If you all need to talk, we would love to share and love in you guys:) big hugs:)

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  2. Caroline,
    As hard as it is to share your journey, thank you for opening up. It allows us on the outside to know where you are, how to help, how to pray and lift you up. Despite the hardships, the sun doesn’t cease to rise each and everyday, don’t forget to look for it, because in it you will comforted and reminded of the awesome God that we serve, and that loves you, Ryan and your family. Be encouraged friend, His mercies are new each and everyday. Rest in Him and know that we are here to help in anyway that we can. Thinking of you and lifting you up in prayer.

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