Two Battles, Not One

12 thoughts on “Two Battles, Not One”

  1. I a m a retired pharmacist
    fully support your point numbers 3 Here. the most sad thing is the health care providers do not think. I was madeFun being the pharmacist that will try to take medications away from people. it’s as simple as 1 2 3 steps to approach a situation. even nutritionist fall short of thinking. last visit to my nutritionist I was so excited to bring the new concept of nutrigenomics but did she listen? All she would consider is that which holds the seal of the American dietitians Association. the evidence is out there and we as health care providers do much better by doing our own research and using our thinking and knowledge from school. Don’t be brain washed

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  2. Wow! I must say Ryan, I admire and believe in what you are doing! And yet, I’m going through radiation. ugh! (what an oximoron 😦
    Love your determination, You inspire me…..and perk my interest…MANY our listening…and learning…..including ME.
    May our Lord continue to educate, and strengthen you thru this journey.
    Go Gettem!
    God Bless♡

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  3. Great post Ryan! I believe you are spot-on about the big business of medicine. It is very profitable having people sick vs healthy. Think about it, if all of your changes causes your cancer to disappear, there is no revenue for those who wish to treat you in the traditional ways. Your situation is inspiring me to make changes in the hopes of warding off any potential health conflicts in my body. Thanks buddy!

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  4. Hey Ryan, can you share with us what changes you have made? I’ve been considering some life changes myself especially hearing about you and Cindy W. being diagnosed. One thing I’m really bent on doing this coming spring is turning Keith and I’s backyard into and Urban Farm. I also know that I need to increase my physical activity and should cut out sugar and breads from my diet as well as increase protein intake and veggies.

    I have heard that everyone carries cancer cells in their bodies (talk about ticking time bomb) and that yeast and sugars is a few of the things that feed those cells. I also have heard that there has already been a cure for many cancers developed back in the 70’s I think or even earlier; however, the developer was shut down because the drug industry didn’t want to loose their money cow.

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  5. Ryan I admire you courage in standing by your convictions. I wish you the best in your battle. You don’t know me but I work with Rafael at Ashley. Keep your positive attitude; your blog of this journey will inspire many.

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  6. Ryan, the reason I like you so much is because you are one of the few people,I have heard of that is writing out what I have been going through these past few years. Almost everyone thinks I am crazy for going the alternative cancer route and refusing chemo and radiation. They have all kinds of reasons why I have survived. It gets so frustrating sometimes. I am glad there are other crazy people out there that have chosen to battle cancer by allowing their body to heal by natural God given means!!! We have been given this path to walk for a purpose and I am glad I get to follow you through your videos and blogs!!


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