10 thoughts on “Hope”

  1. How hard this must be at times Carolyn. We are embracing you in our thoughts and prayers…. and trusting each of you to Him, knowing that He will provide and that He will guide. His wisdom will prevail. Love and hugs and continued prayers!

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  2. Bless your heart Caroline ♡….my heart breaks for what you all are going through, and yet rejoices with the stance you have taken. Praying for your strength, peace, knowledge and hope to ALL be increased by HIM. And may our Lord bless you both mightily as you Fight the “Good Fight” of Faith.☆♡☆♡

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  3. Caroline, we are waiting for results on my husbands prostate biopsies (they took 14!! samples).
    I am in awe of you in all you do to read, uncover, discover, listen etc!
    I’m slightly overwhelmed and literally making “green broth” because I don’t have a juicer yet and don’t have money to purchase one yet! If I can just CONVINCE my hubby to do this!!!! Even if the outcome is negative I want us to CHANGE our lives, diets, futures! I know y’all are busy in Mexico, when you have time could you guys post some juice recipes? Thank you and y’all are in our prayers!

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    1. I hope that while I’m in Mexico with Ryan or when I return I can post a lot of our current dietary and supplement protocols along with therapies . . . stay tuned! It’s coming. I have so much in my head to share, just need to sit long enough to write it all out in the midst of this time intensive season.
      Thank you! We pray for peace and comfort during this time for you and your family.


      1. Caroline and Ryan,
        Thank you for praying we added you all to our prayer list too!
        Praying that everyday down there brings renewed health and strength!

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