Day 2

12 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. Oh Caroline!! I am the heart on my sleeve, public shows of vulnerability like Ryan. My husband, Bryan, is like you.

    This has been an absolute privilege and an honor to witness. The inspiration and information flowing and changing so many lives, mine included.

    Reading these diary entries are so good, and I understand completely the therapy of writing. Plus, it really is a whirlwind for you both, probably for a while now. It will be good, so good, to have this to return to a year from now when all the dust has settled and Ryan is cancer free – I stand in that belief with him, with you – and these words will be like a readible film, a movie of sorts, that you can take in.

    Love & prayers,

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  2. Just sending prayers, positive thoughts and all things good your way! You two inspire everyday, all day! Hope it’s a beautiful location as well as a healing institute! Take care and stay strong! ❤️

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  3. Thank you so much for your posts! PLEASE keep updating us. I wish I could send my boyfriend to Mexico, but it’s cost prohibitive for us. I’m particularly interested in the emotional part. I’d love to see your post on that, since we will not be able to visit the clinic ourselves.

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  4. Caroline… I can really understand where you are at – your space in time. I have been a ‘caretaker’ for the ‘love of my life’ for the past 8 1/2 years. One day he went to work, at a fairly new job – retrofitting plumbing – for Paradise Lodge on Mt. Rainier, WA – and was hit ‘head on’ by a young women on Meth, marijuana and alcohol. It was a near fatality accident for him, From the Airlift to the hospital, ICU, nursing homes, back to a hospital, then home in a hospital bed in the living room, with medical caretakers for several years, 27 surgeries… I barely remember life “before”. He is as good as he can get now and we are resuming life from this point forward. He is finding new joy in what he can do – and I – finding myself again after years of putting others first, second and third. (my two children). Through it all – our strength came from our faith. I admire you so much and want you to not feel alone or wonder ‘why us’ about things. As you can already see the outreach your families’ story has had. There is a wonderful plan unfolding ‘in His name’ and sometimes you just have to ‘hold on for the ride’. Answers and Blessings will come! Praise to Him who gives us all we need. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. May you feel love and peace in your soul that all will be well. ❤ Ellie

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  5. I have had company all week and I have not been keeping up. As soon as they left I came right in. So I have just finished day 2 and after dinner I will catch up. I am going to send your blogs to the brother of my friend who is facing a rare form of bowel cancer. I think this will encourage him. We are certainly praying God’s strength for you both. ja

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