Information Overload

4 thoughts on “Information Overload”

  1. Wow! You guys are so strong….I admire your efforts to be so real! I have tried to follow, read everything yet at times, feeling guilty when I did, I just had to delete some of the information before reading…..too much….overload! So glad to hear it’s not just me…..the world is so big, can’t take it all in! I’m a granny, just broke my old flip phone and panicking trying to learn new one…lost all my contact numbers…..this ,for me, is the challenge of the year! How you guys do what you do and deal with it’s mind boggling! And do it with us watching! You deserve much praise….be strong….keep fighting….don’t care what people say….FOLLOW YOUR OWN WAY!

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  2. I totally understand the “information overload.” It happens just as you said Caroline..You study and study and it all starts to go in a big loop. I try to follow the advice of Chris Wark as closely as I can because doing this from home is different from being at a clinic. Much of the information is so contradictory out there. I just keep giving my body everything that is needs to build itself and soon, go and have my blood checked . Thank you for sharing this journey with everyone. This has to be so personal for you two.

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