The Last Day: Next Steps, Part 1

6 thoughts on “The Last Day: Next Steps, Part 1”

  1. Good for you. We support your decisions and are praying in the gap. Smart choice not to go rogue at this point. You have been led to Chipsa and have put your heart and trust in with these folks. To stop trusting them now when you are launching out on your own would be foolish. Ryan’s been in this really nice bubble, coming home there are so many more choices and influences that it be be overwhelming if you were closing to consider them on your own. Heck, would probably turn into a full time information sorter job, haha😄 So thrilled for you all, your future is bright!

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  2. Hi
    I am so happy I found your blog. I hope and pray that Ryan is doing well:). Congrats on finding Chipsas! My dad was just diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and we spoke with dr Lopez this morning. We were wondering if you would be will to speak with us about your experience. My email is sbboye@ I hope to hear from you:)

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