The Last Day: Emotional Day, Part 2

7 thoughts on “The Last Day: Emotional Day, Part 2”

  1. Magnificently stated! I sobbed all the way through because I had the same experience three weeks ago at Hope4Cancer, only as the patient. I wonder if we would have the same experience here in the states? I have spent many hours with other family members at hospitals and never had an experience like this.

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  2. Wonderful, inspiring blog. It is evident that God is walking every step of this journey with you. We continually hold you up in prayer and are looking forward to being with you around Christmas. Love all of you bunches!


  3. I just ran across your blog today! What a joy to read your journey! Keep the updates coming! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband and I wish the very best as you progress through this! You are on the right track! I believe it is very courageous to take the road less traveled. I am sure it can be lonely at times, especially if friends and family may not agree or understand why you have taken this path. Stay strong! I am rooting you guys on!!

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