The Biggest Roller Coaster: Part 1

7 thoughts on “The Biggest Roller Coaster: Part 1”

  1. Caroline, I have thought of you often and wondered how this looked from your eyes. You are an incredibly strong and gracious woman. I hope there are people around you looking after you as you care for your young family through this…. Looking forward to the happily ever after part – #cancerfreeRyan!

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  2. Caroline I have never had the opportunity to meet you. Truth be known I’ve only met Ryan once, here in St. Louis at a Cards playoff game. Just in a matter of a few hours he became a special person to me. I feel like in that short of time I made a new life long friend. I have been praying daily for Ryan and you since he reached out to me last year. I can thank you enough for these postings. There is a special place in heaven waiting for you as you are truly one of God’s special gifts. I hope to meet you soon as I would live to make the trip to visit with my friend.
    God Bless You and Ryan and your family!!!

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  3. Bless you and your strength knowing to well what it takes we are blessed to have the best doctor in the world Jesus Christ Amen!! Love to you and your family. Keeping on keeping on Go Ryan Ellice from new Jersey

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  4. finally had time to read this tonight, and my heart is full of love for you all. I love your real-ness and vulnerability to let others see into your world. I have said many times that during my turn with cancer, I felt like I was in a blender, with so many voices and choices swirling in my head. Taking the time to write this out will help many others who feel like they are the only ones who have ever been in the blender. This road has been hard for you, and taking time to share it adds another layer of something to do, but you are helping others along the way. Thank you for your raw honesty. Love you!

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