The Path of Healing

13 thoughts on “The Path of Healing”

    1. such a powerful and beautiful testimony! Thank you for sharing your story, you have come so far and are a true testament of Faith, Determination, and Perseverance!

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  1. Caroline, you and Ryan are truly God’s chosen to teach and love through the midst of your pain, learning and success. Some are quick to judge, I pray all will support your family with positivity and love. Thank you and Ryan for being real with us. Much love and blessings.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your journey. Praying for you, Ryan and the kids and your continued strength and Ryan’s health. You both have been amazing and brave in sharing your story and allowing us all to learn Thank you!

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  3. Thank you Caroline and Ryan for sharing your journey! Caroline, what a blessing Ryan and your children have! You have always been passionate about your family’s health. What a great assistant healer! Ryan than you for sharing so openly your journey. It has inspired me to not continue to put a bandaid on medical issue but dig for answers or solutions. You two have always been a blessing. Now you are reaching around the world inspiring people! May God continue to bless you with wisdom, time and health! We will continue to pray for the family!

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  4. Thank-you for sharing. Will continue to pray. I know that your decisions are guided by the almighty because of your relationship with HIM. So peace abounds as you live, and strength is portrayed by HIS grace on you. BLESSED

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  5. You are to your husband as I am to my wife, our journey has been almost 5 years. Nobody really understands it and how it can change a person a relationship and the very world we are privileged to occupy. In a few hours we board a train for Denver, flying is no longer an option. We seek the advice and skill of probably one of the best Dr’s for my wife’s disease. He is a man we know well and respect. This may be the final chapter for us. I hope not. We were warriors too, still are. But now we both are weary. My wife has had no chemo, no surgery, no radiation. She has had PDT, we have traveled across oceans seeking treatment in far off foreign speaking lands. We have consulted with many, and we have counseled many. I have come to admire a man with a funny name who did what was said even now impossible . He was a genius if only he was still with us to guide to help. I still hope one day that our Rife machine will do that which it can . I believe. What a rollercoaster it has been. The friends we have made the things we, I have learned. Why us? Why me? Why not? I rush you foods dotted and bleeding on your journey. I truly feel your pain, your love, and yes sometimes the loneliness. We didn’t seek to be the heroes others make us out to be. We do what we have to. It’s quite simple, how could we do any less for someone we love so much.

    Good bless you


  6. Thank you for sharing your journey. I came across your blog whilst searching Chipsa which I’m considering to get treatments from. I’m a cancer patient myself and we can all learn from each other. It is often difficult for other people to truly empathise with us, we get sympathy, and right now that’s not what we need, we need empathy more. I feel you, Cancer can throw you in different directions, it’s mind boggling! Sometimes I feel it’s mere luck that I’m still alive, the guessing game of which supplements or modalities to take may be working:)
    The RGCC test in Greece will be good,I wanted to do that but it’s so expensive, at least here in the UK. Good luck I hope that gives you more direction. The body may be sick but you’ve always got that good head on your shoulders to rely on. You’re doing right by fortifying that, and harnessing the innate energies of life and of the universe, and strengthening your spiritual connections.
    Ours is an evolution more than a journey. I relate so much to your blogposts, thank you. Sending love, healing energies, and prayers. Being Strong is the Only Choice We Have ❤


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