The Results

12 thoughts on “The Results”

  1. I too went on the journey to wellnes after stage 3 breast cancer surgery…I am doing well…my husband came up with stage 4 prostate cancer that has metastisized to his spine…we are now using Royal Rife treatments and other natural treatments…he did do 10 days of radiation on the spine…..It issss a journey and we are seeking, like you, what works and keeping a positve outlook. My David is 68 and I just celebrated 70…Blessings for all the answers and healing. Jeanne

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  2. I love the comparison pictures! Wow! Who can argue with this kind of obvious improvement?! You guys are amazing, and I’m SO PROUD of the job you’re doing. Caroline, I am amazed at how you’ve held your family together and gotten through all this so far. You may be one of the “unsung heroes”, the “behind the scenes person” that makes the actors look good. But you are most definitely appreciated. Ryan brags on you all the time…
    I’m loving these blog updates! You guys rock!!! Almost there!!!!!!

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  3. Thank you for sharing a very difficult and confusing time in your lives. I might not comment on everything but keep close watch on Ryan’s progress. I know I tell you every time I post something but you two are truly AMAZING! God knew what He was doing when he put you two together. Caroline, yes I believe you could write several books! I would buy them. We are praying for you and love you guys!!

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  4. Such wonderful news! You are an amazing team! I am thankful that you trust God to lead you to the best answers for your family and you are so transparent to share what you have learned to help others. Life is full of choices, and learning to listen to the voice of true Wisdom Himself and navigate those choices is a learning process. It is beautiful how you share the good choices without boasting and the not-so-great choices without shame. When you have a goal to go to a destination, you may take a car to the airport, a plane for a while, taxi, walk, horseback or other means of getting there. They all have their place in the journey at the appropriate time. I am just thrilled that you are every day closer to the final destination of perfect health. No matter the vehicle, God is ultimately the healer because He created our bodies to heal.

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