An Open Heart ~ Let’s Clear the Air

7 thoughts on “An Open Heart ~ Let’s Clear the Air”

  1. Thanks for the report Caroline…. we appreciate you allowing us on the journey with you! You guys are stellar ‘humans’ and continually inspire the rest of us to become better at that! Much love, prayers and hugs as you continue this healing journey. #cancerfreeRyan

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  2. Caroline, I have been following Ryan, since almost day one, on Facebook. Keep posting and telling your story. Who cares what anybody else thinks, says or does. I think you guys are helping a lot more people than you realize!
    I had a question about Ryan’s protocol. Is his protocol above based on the Greece Blood test? And if not, how much would say you the Greece Blood test contributed to your current path? ~ Dan


    1. Yes, the upper part of the protocol is all Greece test based. We believe the Greece rest was a money saving test and it helped us zone in on what would help Ryan. If we would have known about this when Ryan got better in January we would have known how to keep going and could have saved ourselves so much money and time.

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  3. Caroline,
    Do you know whether the Greece Blood test would be beneficial for people suffering from other ailments as well? I know it is extremely expensive and therefore may not be justifiable unless there is a major diagnosis (like cancer). But, I am curious…do you think it would work in the same way?


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