The Depth of Your Story

4 thoughts on “The Depth of Your Story”

  1. So many thoughts in my head and heart right now after reading your blog. First, you are a beautiful writer. I can’t wait to read your books! Second, as I watched yalls skiing trips, it almost took my breath away just feeling what it must be like to experience such deep lows and such high highs, in such a short period of time. As totally, off-the-charts, wonderful as it must be at the end of 2016, that’s still a pretty darn steep roller coaster ride. And I wondered when and where you could/would find a bunch of moments alone, letting it sink in and get to the place of allowing the intensity to subside so you can actually breathe and feel calmly where you are in the here and now. My husband had liver disease he was infected with from an injection when he was admitted into the army. I sat alone as they took him for a possible liver transplant if everything worked out. Which it did. What was to take minimum 12 hours, they came back in three and said it went as smoothly as a liver transplant can go. I was filled with so much gratitude I knew my life would never be the same. I reached for my journal. I was going to document what I would never do again. But I was stopped. I felt a strong impulse from the Holy Spirit that urged me to begin the post transplant life trusting. Not mandating, legislating to myself. That’s what I did. Adjusting to,post cancer may be similar, perhaps, to adjusting to post transplant. Gratitude was powerful. But eventually that strong feeling of gratitude weakened and life’s pains stuck their ugly heads into my view and I found myself back at the place of having to purposely trust. I think God may keep this “faithing” as my husband calls it, sharp by continuing to give us opportunity to believe. I am sooo very happy for you, your children (who will draw much strength from this over and over again throughout their lives) and your husband. Last thing I want to say is how disheartening it is to me to know folks could be mean-spirited in their opposition. I’ve learned in my life that not engaging in behavior for which there would be regret (as y’all have done) is possibly the most effective thing we can do in the kingdom of God. And sometimes God actually allows vindication, once we don’t need it. Lol. Much love to you guys and to you specifically. I have a heart for women. I came from a lifetime of abuse which has been turned for good in ministry for women. Can I say, I love you even though I haven’t met you? I think so. We are sisters in Christ. Blessings,

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