A Question Without Answers

2 thoughts on “A Question Without Answers”

  1. It IS crazy isn’t it! I haven’t ever been diagnosed with cancer but I do have a life altering condition that I’ve attacked nutritionally and without pharmaceutical drugs. Part of my conditions symptoms is massive weight gain. I began the nutrition based protocol and lost 40 pounds and feel soon much better on many levels. It has its ups and downs and I don’t understand how to help myself much of the time. However, the interesting thing about having a condition that doesn’t expose itself physically — in order words you look ok — you can’t talk about it too much unless you’re good with being labeled (in Christian circles) as a person lacking faith who should be claiming health when you feel like poop. Or labeled by non-christians as extremists. My daughter in law found an article and sent it to me which encouraged me to stop the extreme dietary changes and just go back to eating junk. She is morbidly obese and it just blows my mind that she really was deeply concerned for me. really?????? Honey, I’m deeply concerned for YOU! LOL

    Anyway, it really does just boil down to being so good with ourselves. I’m reading the book, Dying to Be Me, that your husband recommended. Wow! I’ve stayed up almost all night long because I couldn’t put it down. Last night at 5 am, I just closed the book, and said, “Yes, Jesus Yes!!!!! There’s soon much more than what we see touch and feel in this space we’re in. Other’s opinions and lack of support of our choices is painful but is so not within our property boundaries to manage. Being good to ourselves, loving ourselves, seeing the majesty and beauty of ourselves and experiencing the gratitude that brings….now there’s where the peace is! And yes, for me it goes against the grain of all I’ve been taught and believed. But thank God, I’m now open to so much more good and peaceful and loving. The Church has been a deep and huge painful experience for me and my husband. We haven’t been in church for a few years now. And perhaps this is exactly where God wants us. Shedding off the old so the new can be received.

    Well, I always love to read your blogs and I thank you for sharing. Peace to you! Joy to you! Excitement and purpose and love be yours!!!!


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