3 thoughts on “Why CHIPSA?”

  1. I was diagnosed with Uterine Papillary Serous Carcinoma (very aggressive cancer) June 15, 2015. I had the complete hysterectomy with some lymph nodes taken out outside the uterus. The biopsies showed everything outside the uterous was benign.

    I went through chemo (Taxil and Carboplatin) every three weeks followed by three vaginal radiation treatments. Then, the end of May, 2016, I started having lower back pain. It increasingly got worse to the point that I could not eat or drive. I was nauseous from the severe pain.

    I saw my oncologist October 29, 2016. I told him about the back pain and asked him if it was due to cancer. He totally dismissed it. As stated above, the pain progressively got worse. I finally got a GI to order an ultrasound, which found a growth and thrombus near my two major arteries.

    Due to the location of my tumor and thrombus, a biopsy could not be done, and surgery was too dangerous. I went through 5 weeks of radiation daily and chemo (Cisplatin) once a week for 5 weeks.

    Just last Friday, I got the results of my post-treatment CT scan. The tumor they treated is gone. But, the cancer has entered my bloodstream, and now, I have three small growths in my lungs, three small growths on my liver, and one lymph node that is cancerous. The new oncologist (I fired my previous oncologist) stated I have 2-5 years to live.

    This is UNACCEPTABLE to me!!!

    I’m devastated, scared, sad, angry, etc.

    I’m looking into alternative treatments — have called CHIPSA, Oasis of Hope, and looking into EBC-46 through Qbiotics in Australia.

    Are there any other avenues I should take?




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