Creating a Life of Adventure

9 thoughts on “Creating a Life of Adventure”

  1. Oh, my GOD…. First, to respond and first to love you guys even more.
    We all have a story to tell, we all have a life to live and you the Luelf’s are leading the way.
    We love you, we will always love you and are happy and proud to call all of you our friends.
    Ivan and Mona Heckscher…

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  2. Amazing!!! There is nothing to be afraid of… 1 piece of advice to make things easier… get a lifetime fitness membership… they have them all over usa…. if you want a comp pass let me know… I can arrange for you💕


  3. Good for you!!! We have 5 adult children between us, no one at home,and ran a business we could easily take on the road….So we took the plunge. We sold the 4 bedroom “storage unit”, sold the boat in Dana Point Harbor, gave away our earthly possessions, stored 35 years work of pictures and hand made items from the kids and grandkids, bought a 40 foot motorhome and hit the road. I home schooled my kids, so I know first hand you will be giving them the education of a lifetime on the road! Full time RVing is full of uncertainties, everyday is a new adventure. My time living that life taught me to truly be in the moment, truly let go and let God, trust myself and others, and to be present, because tomorrow was no guarantee, and to just soak up right where you are at that moment, because tomorrow will look different. We ended up coming home and setting up a house again….I missed my kids and grandkids way too much. Glad yours are with you. Home is truly where your heart is. Yours is with Ryan and your kids and they are right there on this journey of a lifetime together. Congratulations!!!! Wishing you all nothing but the best!!!

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