Embracing the Journey: Here we go, again.

8 thoughts on “Embracing the Journey: Here we go, again.”

  1. Right attitude, mindset of positivity and the love & support of many family and friends, some you’ve never even meet! Accepting what is in front of you as a challenge not defeat! You have done so much from educating to giving hope and love to others. God is with you my friends on this journey and has a plan for it all. Thank you for being so open and sharing this journey, though it is not always been easy sometimes down right hard from comments and opinions on how your doing it. It is “your” journey and do it as you and your family have been.
    We are praying for whatever it is you need God hears and provides, we love y’all so much!❤💞 #yolo

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  2. Ryan, you and your wonderful family are in my prayers. Broke my heart to read this this morning, but makes me happy you are not letting this get you down. Love you and your family and praying for brighter days ahead. Keep your loving Spirit Ryan . . . you are truly blessing all of us. Much Love and Prayers heading your way now, and always! ❤

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  3. Ryan. I spend 8 weeks down in Tijuana back in the early ’90’s. I met so many people who had been given weeks to live. I know it can be done. I am following you! I will be back in San Diego in a few months. I would love to meet up and do anything I can to help

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  4. Love, support and prayers, YOU GOT IT! I hope to see you in Orlando & if so, a little something for you both. Meanwhile
    What does not belong in you ‘disEASE’, has been told to move itself from your body, no weapon includes disease, so in Jesus name this request is made, and the expectation will be fullfilled by God, the infinate healer!
    Love & hugs to you guys. NO WEAPON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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