The Power of Vulnerability

8 thoughts on “The Power of Vulnerability”

  1. As always Caroline, we feel your challenge I feel your pain.
    You and your family will forever be in our hearts and we will never forget the struggle it has been to get this far. You guys are amazing, YOU are amazing and we love you all very much.
    Ivan and Mona

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  2. That was great. I just listened to Brene Brown on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast. 👍💯👍 Can’t wait to hear her TED Talk. Thank you for sharing your journey!

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  3. You are gifted. Period. Credentialed. You will learn anything you need to learn. Your gift qualifies you and like with anything else in life, you will grow. Please don’t expect your first book to be what your 10th book will be like. You will grown into your 10th book just like you are growing now into your first book. I can’t wait to read it! I just love Brene Brown too. I heard the talk youbreferred to and loved it also. Maybe you snd she can get together sometime. Wow! That would be an awesome interview to watch. Love you Caroline! Loving watching you blossom. Just wrap your arms around the fact that you are gifted. A gifted writer. Think what could lay ahead. Maybe a novel one day???? Much love and respect, patty eaton.

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  4. You are a natural writer ,Caroline ! I’m so happy for you -that you discovered it for an outlet for all the things you yourself are experiencing. I know firsthand how overwhelming the amount of different emotions can be that comes from caring for someone with cancer (in my personal life ) and it definitely requires some kind of healthy outlet. I’m happy that you found yours and you should stay proud that you share it with the world. Simply put, no matter what you do ; no matter what you say ; sadly, there will always be haters! Love to you, Ryan, and the kids!

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  5. The positive comments out numbers the negative which are probably 98% positive to 2% negative and then you have to wonder where there 2% actually come from….you are doing amazing job for your husband and family and if you help save or inspire one other person thats one extra life you saved but I am sure many have been saved… no money can be put on what that is worth…I am on same journey…so I know…

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  6. Keep writing. As a active cancer warrior myself- this is how I deal with the cancer fight. First the breast cancer diagnosis in Sept of last year and now after becoming a survivor for that, to immediately be diagnosed with Ovarian cancer was a bit more than a person should be expected to handle. My blog is what has kept me sane. I wish my husband could do the same, but unfortunately he still struggles with my battles. Keep your writing going strong and keep the faith!


  7. I face the same things in my writings. Being authentic, transparent and vulnerable is brave and I want to live brave. I lived my life in fear for much too long. A very inspiring person that I adore once said, write, even if you have an audience of 2 who are touched by your writing. Show up anyway, and especially show up for yourself.
    I have struggled with writing from my heart and then someone I run into no longer speaks to me or feels awkward around me. Then there are the next few that run up to me and hug me and tell me how inspired they are about my life from what I write. Those are the people who I now show up for, and especially myself. I didn’t overcome all of my obstacles to keep to myself…no, I am called to set the captives free and give hope to the hopeless. I no longer care what anyone thinks about me or my writings, it’s a reflection of their own fear and a mirror of the perception of themselves.
    I have gained tremendous growth and the people I meet on this narrow path of awareness and self discovery are extradoridnary. They are people doing amazing things.
    This road is where I belong❤️💕

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