The Kiss: #ExperiencingCancerOutLoud

14 thoughts on “The Kiss: #ExperiencingCancerOutLoud”

    1. Caroline , there are no words to describe your insight & courage , I apppreciatecthe time you take to write this are all of us to learn through Ryan’s journey .

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  1. Thank you to both of you sweet people! You share truth, you share love, you encourage & inspire & YOU ARE AWESOME! Just wanted to say thankyou! Sending gentle hugs & focus prayer to you all! Barb in Aus! 😙😙

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  2. Caroline you are so beautiful and we love you for who you are and what you do and have done for our DUDE, and our friend Ryan. It will all be fine and we are looking forward to that day. Be strong for him, he loves you for everything that you do… and be strong for yourself and the kids… anything I/we can do let me know.

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  3. I love you both

    I have no words but tears as I read your blog. Strength and courage is what I see here that inspires thousands and possible millions. Your journey and life had me at the first time I saw Ryan on Facebook. Since I am no longer on there, I check your blog.

    All I can say is
    I love you

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