Flowing from Within

4 thoughts on “Flowing from Within”

    Caroline, you are amazing and your thoughts and questions bring tears to my heart and eyes.
    After I open up my emails this morning I saw your email in the middle of all the junk and I said to myself, I have to read this first so I can start my day on a healthy and inspiring way.
    I wanted to hear the news about our friend and to you a lovely and inspiring husband, I needed to hear how he was doing and how you were holding up…. You gave me the answer in superior weight and we love you in any way or shape that it comes… Thank you for another inspiring update and we hope that from now on it WILL only get better…
    Love you and the family from the bottom of our hearts.

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  2. Pondering your words and thoughts with solemn fascination and empathy. Thank you for taking the time out for writing, and for sharing. Sending you love and light. YouOnlyLiveOnce!

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  3. This is my favorite blog of yours! It’s short, simple, and to the point! Everything you said resonated with me. Only when we are in the question can we create unlimited possibilities!


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