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Day One

The doctors here treat a patient as a whole. They are not interested in just attacking the cancer and leaving the rest of the person ill physically and mentally. They realize that beating cancer and living a healthy life comes by looking at everything: mental, physical, diet, nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and more. The conversations we have already had with the doctors have been therapeutic and soul searching.


Reality is ever redefining. It can literally change from one second to the next. . .


The eye has passed. The whiplash from the opposite winds thrust you as if you are mere weightless paper. The sting, the punch, the gasp of air you want to take in but can’t. And yet, hope finds its way in.

The Answer to this Question Changes Everything.

The answer to this question changes everything. It really does. Like seriously. This answer overhauls the standard route of cancer protocol. Why? Stay with me, you’ll understand the question and the reason I ask.

Two Battles, Not One

Getting the news that cancer was active in my body was a tough pill to swallow. Going thru the plethora of medical appointments and procedures is a whole other level of stress and fear; at […]